FOOD ART CHALLENGE #2!! Dogs Pick Our Funny Mystery Ingredients & How To Make Star Wars Art


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              this is bob
              he is one how old will he get like

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                this is how many times he said yooo

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                  Collins and Devan, you guys should do a gingerbread making and decorating for your next video. YEET! FLEET!

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                    Penny wise

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                      Yup coppa coming for them

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                            I challenge you to build iron man pank cake

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                              Can you do a pancake art challenge will y'all have to like draw a thumbs up

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                                Collins finally won

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                                  I love fluffy and puffy they're so cute😍😃😊

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                                    So cool and inner Circle 💕

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                                          every one watch asa welnetz the agent one video

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                                            Sierra is my real name

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                                              What breed is fluffy and puffy ?

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                                                Devan and Collins single
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                                                  Next vid can you do real food vs gummy food plz. Bear and gummy bears plz🐻🐻🐻🍭🍬

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                                                    yo colin hit me up I am good at magic and I am only 9 so maybe?

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                                                      So when do we call

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                                                            Those twin puppies are so cute,i just got a ❤ attack

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                                                              Fluffy and Puppy: RUN!! YEET!! Fluffy: *tries to smack Collins* Me: *Calls everybody in my family* YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!

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                                                                pause game strong

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                                                                  Inner circle

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                                                                    Make one about venom

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                                                                      Collin i responded

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                                                                        It's a Yammer

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                                                                          What breed r does puppy’s

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                                                                            “Inner circle “

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                                                                                Do the try not to laugh slime thing.

                                                                                Oh and you should do puppies choose what I wear!!!!!!

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                                                                                  Collins do a Minecraft video please

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                                                                                    I have not 1 puppy

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                                                                                        Who else thinks Collin should get hypnotized. Please like so he can do it 👍👍👍

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                                                                                          They should do a challenge for their gf

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                                                                                            Anyone out of the avengers

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