Which Car Battery is Best? Let's find out!


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  • michael montgomery
    michael montgomery  14 minutes back

    Anybody need anything? I gotta make a Walmart run.

    • robert tuttle
      robert tuttle  2 hours back

      I’d like to see u test flash lights. LETS FINE OUT.

        EGGINFOOLS  3 hours back

        Awesome test. I would like to see how a OEM battery right out of the dealer would do. My AC Delco battery lasted 15 years in my 03 sierra

        • LupenSLO
          LupenSLO  6 hours back

          I am from Europe and never heard of group size, cranking amps and cold cranking amps on a car battery...buu

          • Chris Rogers
            Chris Rogers  9 hours back

            Walmart was rated a top battery by consumer reports years ago. I started buying them instead of batteries from advance auto. The last two batteries I purchased from Walmart didn't last 6 months. This is something that interest me considering all the batteries i have to purchase for our company every year. I'm curious why an interstate battery wasn't tested, it seems to be pretty popular with auto care centers.

          • ToughAncientSpark
            ToughAncientSpark  9 hours back

            When I worked at an RV dealership, the local independent battery rep told us there are only four different battery manufacturers in the U.S. All they change is the labels.

          • Water Lily channel
            Water Lily channel  9 hours back

            Battery made to use for two years only..sure...hahaha

          • quintin raymond
            quintin raymond  12 hours back

            Duralast is the best option, AutoZone has best warranties and no hassle if you need to use warranty.

          • Amazing Syed
            Amazing Syed  13 hours back

            Who else think he looks like Steve Jobs

            • Sam Sonn
              Sam Sonn  13 hours back

              Great breakdown on the Johnson controls and East Penn

            • David Goodwin
              David Goodwin  15 hours back

              I am very impressed with your presentations and your code of ethics. Thank you for doing this.

            • Rodrigo Rivas
              Rodrigo Rivas  16 hours back

              Wouldn't you also want to know the difference between the terminals while drawing power?

              • JJfan48
                JJfan48  16 hours back

                Love that you do this tried and true

                Would be cool to see how well they would do on a drain. Like on older vehicles back in the day. You’d leave the lights on by accident. Come out in the morning and the car won’t or barely could start. Would be interesting to see the different batteries handle the the “dummy test”. You can have a battery tester reading live while the vehicle is attempting to start. I assume your ford would be a good candidate for this.

              • Bbob5810
                Bbob5810  16 hours back

                great job. Thanks for yiu hard work

              • Chris Maag
                Chris Maag  17 hours back

                I have watched for a while, love the videos. What about motorcycle batteries. The seem overworked and have to be replaced quite frequently.

              • buckaroobonsi555
                buckaroobonsi555  17 hours back

                I have been buying Walmart Everstart Maxx for a long time. My last one was 11 years old before I had to replace and that is the norm for me, my Dad and other's I know. I worked at Autozone for a while and Advanced Autoparts and Deka seemed to be the most common brands I saw during the winter failed. We would get 5 Advanced Auto Brand and Deka brand for every other brand. The next most common failed brand was Interstate. Battery OEM's for lack of a better word have various internal construction and material menu's you can pick from. Just because many different brands are having Johnson Controls, Exide, Interstate etc.... does not mean they have the same plate materials, thickness, seperators etc.....

              • mad max
                mad max  17 hours back

                Great information thank you!

              • Willie The boggle
                Willie The boggle  19 hours back

                The money is going to the core and disposal fee mandated by federal regulation.

              • Matthew Glaze
                Matthew Glaze  19 hours back

                Love the walmart battery. Been using them for a long time never let me down.

                • Homerclese
                  Homerclese  19 hours back

                  Nice to know you don't have to spend a lot to get value. Now that you have all these new batteries have you thought about testing the theory that if you leave a battery sitting on a concrete floor it will discharge quicker?

                  • Chad Endersby
                    Chad Endersby  19 hours back

                    Good video but not sure I trust the CCA results from your tester, IMO the only true way to test is with a proper carbon pile load tester. Your tester if it is even pulling the amps it is showing is doing it for a split second at best.

                    • sawdust 69
                      sawdust 69  22 hours back

                      i had a interstate last 10 years

                      • w4csc
                        w4csc  22 hours back

                        ONe feature of the Walmart battery is Walmart, itself. If your battery goes dead in Orangeburg, SC, the local Walmart has direct access to all your dead battery's data making replacement a no-arguing, no-BS affair as Walmart owns them all, not franchised out. Walmart will swap out anything. It's why they're number one. Hmm...my Everstart is 9 years old. It was $73 as I remember.....(snif).

                      • Mike Elbow
                        Mike Elbow  23 hours back

                        NeverStarts always died suddenly when I needed it most but I didnt have to buy a battery for almost 10 years because they were under warranty and always went to crap before the warranty ran out so it was actually a pretty good deal.

                        • Ash qelon
                          Ash qelon  1 days back

                          I had More fun playing with the “viewing speed control” on the viewing button, set at 1.75% speed.
                          Try it you’ll like!

                          • Chris
                            Chris  1 days back

                            You really should talk to an interstate guy driving the battery truck sometime. I used to work at a Toyota dealership and the Toyota batteries are also interstate/johnson controls. Every battery on the truck has no label. The driver places the appropriate label on each battery when he delivers them to the store. They're all the same battery (within the respective group size, of course). What you're paying for is difference in cost from one store to another. Or in the case of Toyota batteries, the true2 vs. TrueStart battery you're paying for longer warranty coverage (pro-rated). Same exact battery but truestart has longer warranty.

                          • douglas becker
                            douglas becker  1 days back

                            Thank you...this video was just in time for me. Also, just got a Costco membership. 👍

                          • Chris Antczak
                            Chris Antczak  1 days back

                            Awesome video. I purchased a everstart for my 2012 power wagon a couple years ago. Still going strong and sometimes it sits for a couple weeks before i start the truck. When we had the polar vortex in January (close to -40F with wind chill), it started the truck without help from a jumper pack. I'd say for the $120 i paid for it, its not a bad battery.

                          • Andrew T
                            Andrew T  1 days back

                            On the same track as batteries, it would be great to see you test some chargers and maintainers. I've bought a few cheap ones in the past, one Schumacher was woefully inaccurate and would say it's charged when it wasn't even close, vs a Stanley I bought that was much more accurate.

                          • Jay Vee
                            Jay Vee  1 days back

                            All those store brand batteries are junk. Need to compare them to one of the Deka made brands. Vast difference.

                            • Zulfburht
                              Zulfburht  1 days back

                              Do a video on car oil filters

                            • Christian Poole
                              Christian Poole  2 days back

                              I prefer to use a carbon pile load tester because it shows how many volts the battery produces under load which is the real question. The digital meters don't seem as accurate to me since they aren't actually loading the battery. Just my 2 cents, awesome video though as usual.

                            • NOLL72
                              NOLL72  2 days back

                              When I was working at an auto auction several years back, I drove a jump & air truck. That's when I started calling Duralast batteries "Neverlast". Because they were relatively inexpensive at the time, dealers were using them. When I went to jump a vehicle, most of the time a "Neverlast" was under the hood even though it was only a few months old, hence my giving it that nickname. [Wink.]
                              Two months ago I bought an AC-Delco at Menard's for $99.99. 3 year free replacement warranty. I'm confident that I won't need to replace it.

                            • Dan Ray
                              Dan Ray  2 days back

                              another Great Place to Find Good Prices on Batteries is Rural King most are Exide

                            • Robin Simpson
                              Robin Simpson  2 days back

                              Love your vids. The reason battery prices have become more expensive is because there is now a battery cartel, with JC building most of them. Terrible government oversight.

                            • L Pad
                              L Pad  2 days back

                              You do such a thorough job of testing products we all need and use. You really help us sort out the good ones. Thank yu.

                            • korbel dave
                              korbel dave  2 days back

                              I buy my car batteries  from a local wholesaler. When I asked what brand he was selling he opened a desk drawer with all the major brands labels in it and asked me what brand I wanted it to be and let me pick my own labels. I think there are only 2 or 3 battery manufactures in the U.S. at this time. The company that I worked for at the time made battery manufacturing machines. I once asked a factory tech if they could make more powerful batteries and he said they could put six times more power in the average car battery but then they wouldn't sell as many batteries.

                            • lance yoxtheimer
                              lance yoxtheimer  2 days back

                              do a utility
                              blade test

                            • paul maydaynight
                              paul maydaynight  2 days back

                              Which Car Battery "is Best"?.. that would be the current "australian Ultra batteries" car battery sherly :)

                            • CRM6718
                              CRM6718  2 days back

                              Hi Project Farm, you have done a wonderful job in educating and disseminating very very useful information, the kinda information that matters to me and every DIY garage dweller! Now, as a matter of principle, I have an ad blocker and as such you do not make any money from my views. Is there any way to send some $(small but still better that me wasting time viewing random ads). Please let me know...

                              • Project Farm
                                Project Farm   1 days back

                                Thank you for the positive feedback. I have a Patreon but I completely understand if you're not comfortable with that. Thanks again

                            • Joe W
                              Joe W  2 days back

                              How old is this video? I ask because I'm told that Johnson Controls no longer makes batteries for Walmart. Apparently Exide makes them now. I'm writing this on 12/10/19. thanks

                              • Project Farm
                                Project Farm   2 days back

                                Thank you for the feedback. Their brand is still stamped on car batteries

                            • Johnny Doey
                              Johnny Doey  2 days back

                              Great video!

                            • Ken Ameika
                              Ken Ameika  2 days back

                              Outstanding! Thank you for this. Marketing people fear you.

                            • Big D's YouTube
                              Big D's YouTube  2 days back

                              Thank you for this test! very helpful

                            • S Bains
                              S Bains  2 days back

                              How this man does not have a million plus subscribers yet I don’t know

                            • terry gee
                              terry gee  2 days back

                              Thanks for another great shoot-out. How about testing pulse desulfators and also additives supposed to recover and renovate old car batteries?

                              • SynKronos
                                SynKronos  2 days back

                                Super caps

                                • tin pin
                                  tin pin  2 days back

                                  There are a couple oversights here that should be mentioned:
                                  A battery's willingness to be quickly charged when discharged, like a car alternator does after a start.
                                  Overall longevity. Impossible to do in a video, I know, but just as important (if not moreso) than the other tests. I've owned two (n)Ever Starts in two different vehicles that didn't even last 18 months!
                                  And finally a battery's ability to tolerate deep discharge/fast charge cycles like you would see if somebody leaves a light on in their vehicle then receives a jump start, solely relying on the vehicles alternator to recharge the dead battery.