Kyle Converts Mexican Joker To Judaism


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  • Yahalomy t
    Yahalomy t  4 weeks back


    • Alex Carrion
      Alex Carrion  4 weeks back

      Kosher tacos, who knew.

      • Kasparas Norvaisas
        Kasparas Norvaisas  1 months back

        What is the name of the song???????

        • Mr. Kvlt
          Mr. Kvlt  1 months back

          What is that background music?

          • Mr. Kvlt
            Mr. Kvlt  4 weeks back

            @jbd1989 Can you be more specific?

          • jbd1989
            jbd1989  4 weeks back

            Mr. Kvlt following

        • Michael Czerniewski
          Michael Czerniewski  2 months back

          Cartman became Jewish too. That is funny.

          • 1,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

            Woah, he’s converting them all to Judaism this is worse than I thought!

            • Michael Vasquez
              Michael Vasquez  2 months back

              Can you put the clip of Joseph Smith up?

              • Meh Man
                Meh Man  2 months back


                • neh1234
                  neh1234  2 months back

                  I believe.
                  That ancient jews built boats and sailed to America.

                • Sergio Alejandro Barajas Cantero


                  • protogen virus
                    protogen virus  2 months back

                    South park makers: makes fun of ice
                    Ice: are we a f*ckin joke to you?

                  • Clifford Aristil
                    Clifford Aristil  2 months back


                    • The Fonz
                      The Fonz  2 months back

                      Thats not how you convert to Judaism

                      • Heatwave619
                        Heatwave619  2 months back

                        Why is Cartman helping Kyle? I thought he would hate this kind of thing.

                        • DeimonX2000
                          DeimonX2000  2 months back

                          @André Alves bitch, only say it

                        • André Alves
                          André Alves  2 months back

                          Go to their website and watch the episode for free, i won't spoil it for you

                      • OGHiddenpaw
                        OGHiddenpaw  2 months back

                        Kind of a weird episode if you look back on episodes of immigration with South Park. Like goobacks

                        • funkaholic M
                          funkaholic M  2 months back


                          • Date Masamune
                            Date Masamune  2 months back

                            Didn't know Mexicans can turn Jewish.

                            • Kyre
                              Kyre  2 months back

                              I guess I'll jew _-(o

                              • Joshua Giron
                                Joshua Giron  3 months back

                                Many Latin Americans today have Sephardic ancestry who were the real Israelites as opposed to ashkenazi !

                                • Just Randomdude
                                  Just Randomdude  2 months back

                                  A ton of studies confirm Levantine origin of Ashkenazim, ether patrilineal or matrilineal. You can easily find it on Wikipedia and stop spewing this bullshit.

                                • The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife
                                  The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife  2 months back

                                  Joshua Giron _Yeah, but mostly in South America, you wont see sephardic mexicans or Guatemalans (who are the nationalities who most migrated illegally to the US)_ 🙄

                              • G. G.
                                G. G.  3 months back

                                I hope that Kyle ends up being mexican joker

                                • Onder Sotomayor gomez
                                  Onder Sotomayor gomez  3 months back

                                  Those Mexican don't represent me

                                  • twearyurib uwu
                                    twearyurib uwu  2 weeks back


                                  • OMGLOOKSAVAGE
                                    OMGLOOKSAVAGE  2 months back

                                    Onder Sotomayor gomez DONT get offended. South Park makes jokes about every race

                                  • Gangsta Macc
                                    Gangsta Macc  2 months back

                                    Not every latin parody was representation it’s satire

                                  • Samuel Vargas
                                    Samuel Vargas  2 months back

                                    Yes they do

                                • Kevin Broderick
                                  Kevin Broderick  3 months back

                                  Let me guess, the head ICE guy would go in for treason?

                                  • Nann R
                                    Nann R  3 months back

                                    Mexicans are actually of the loat tribe of Issachar

                                    • Personal Normal
                                      Personal Normal  2 months back

                                      @Pimp Tilian Mexican aren't a new thing. Even if you put it as a mixed race after 500 years of natives with native procreation and less than 20% European mix is not a new thing. The fact is that some Europeans wish native Americans "Mexicans" could disappear into a new race so they wouldn't have the be reminded of their crimes against humanity and genocide every time they see one. Whites and blacks in the US are a "new thing". African English French Polack Irish Russian Italian Caribbean German Romanian Native American now Asian and middle Easter and so on and so on. The most mixed race in the planet are from the U.S. Nowhere else can you find such a travesty.

                                    • Black lizard
                                      Black lizard  2 months back

                                      According to the explanations of the religious church of europe, yes.
                                      That was the only explanation for them

                                    • carrz 44
                                      carrz 44  2 months back

                                      @Coyotl Si

                                    • Coyotl
                                      Coyotl  2 months back

                                      No, we are not, naco 🙄

                                    • jsmetalcore
                                      jsmetalcore  2 months back

                                      I see someone is wearing a tin foil hat

                                  • forgotten57 _
                                    forgotten57 _  3 months back

                                    I feel like randy would become some sorta joker character, especially how he dresses as Arthur fleck with the jacket and blue shirt

                                    • forgotten57 _
                                      forgotten57 _  3 months back

                                      It has begun.....

                                    • Matt Gales
                                      Matt Gales  3 months back

                                      Randy is becoming Heisenberg just look how Tegridy Farms started

                                  • David Jacobs
                                    David Jacobs  3 months back

                                    so.... they get special treatment? but why should they?

                                    • MISTER
                                      MISTER  2 months back

                                      @Lion Heart that was like 75 years ago let it rest

                                    • David Bodor
                                      David Bodor  2 months back

                                      Ummm, it's already racist when it's done to Mexicans, but them being Jewish makes the comparison to Concentration camps even more obvious...that's kinda the joke...

                                    • Lion Heart
                                      Lion Heart  2 months back

                                      Because of this little thing you may have heard of, its called THE HOLOCAUST

                                    • xReenaxXx
                                      xReenaxXx  2 months back

                                      Bc of the jewish concentration camps and south park says its racist

                                    • Taco Man
                                      Taco Man  2 months back

                                      David Jacobs Jews

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                                    South Park Films   3 months back

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                                    • Burhannuddin Electricwala

                                      Please make one episode of Guantanamo bay prison.

                                      • • Meepeep •
                                        • Meepeep •  2 months back

                                        Yessssss please!

                                      • zirconviper
                                        zirconviper  2 months back

                                        Gangsta Macc Cartman will be getting plenty o' those!

                                      • Gangsta Macc
                                        Gangsta Macc  2 months back

                                        zirconviper Cockmeat Sandwiches 😂

                                      • zirconviper
                                        zirconviper  2 months back

                                        All I can think of is Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.