Rod Wave - Thug Motivation (Official Music Video)


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  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu  29 minutes back

    I honestly haven’t heard one bad song from Rod

    • Feao Nau
      Feao Nau  43 minutes back

      Keep making good music big bro. Don’t switch from who you are 💯.

      • Rod210 branson
        Rod210 branson  1 hours back

        I need nba yb on this remix ASAP!!

        • Vontravis Kendrick
          Vontravis Kendrick  1 hours back

          I fw Rod Wave for this that nigga showed mad love to my city Albany in this vid 💯💯💯

          • bodoti qwiu
            bodoti qwiu  28 minutes back

            His Sound is like a mixture of nba YoungBoy and Ruben studdard

        • Kinpachi Pain
          Kinpachi Pain  3 hours back

          Who been rocking with rod wave since day one to 2020....

          • TLF GhyDro
            TLF GhyDro  3 hours back

            This man songs be 1 minute long 😔

            • SlammedCulture
              SlammedCulture  4 hours back

              Rockin tf out the piano

              • ian ward
                ian ward  5 hours back

                ya’ll actually bump this ? 😂💀

                • jahquayvious applewhite

                  If u like rod wave like this comment up for

                  ROD WAVE💙

                • Jahmarian Knowles
                  Jahmarian Knowles  5 hours back

                  This how many if y'all going be(✿ ♡‿♡)👇

                • Aries10K
                  Aries10K  5 hours back

                  🔥🔥 Rod Wave Dark Clouds REACTION 🥶

                  • abs
                    abs  5 hours back

                    put it on apple music 🤒

                  • 2 Smooth
                    2 Smooth  5 hours back


                    • SoChaR
                      SoChaR  5 hours back

                      I love you ROD 🤗😍😍😍😍😍

                    • bocoy noiu
                      bocoy noiu  6 hours back

                      Like if y’all want this on Apple Music

                    • tae haggins
                      tae haggins  6 hours back

                      Y this ain’t on Apple music

                    • Air high Books
                      Air high Books  6 hours back

                      His music helps me through 😭😭😭😭🗣🙏💯💯

                    • Youngboy Never Broke Again


                      • bocoy noiu
                        bocoy noiu  6 hours back


                    • Takari Dargan
                      Takari Dargan  6 hours back

                      His Sound is like a mixture of nba YoungBoy and Ruben studdard

                      • Swava The Rapper
                        Swava The Rapper  5 hours back

                        What about him lol ??

                    • Gavin  Webster
                      Gavin Webster  6 hours back

                      Rod Wave looks like the nicest dude ever

                      • Jhordan Simon
                        Jhordan Simon  7 hours back

                        Rod Wave feat Eminem - Chip on My Shoulder Remix !!!!!!!!!!! Everyone like this ! This is would be the perfect combination!!!!!

                        • Keh Janell
                          Keh Janell  7 hours back

                          ROD WAVE NEVER DISAPPOINT ME I LOVEEEEEEEEE HIM 💥🤞🏾💯🌟 god don’t make mistakes THE GOAT 🐐

                          • Angelvaneass Boyz
                            Angelvaneass Boyz  7 hours back

                            Up next

                            • bam2raw
                              bam2raw  7 hours back

                              rod wave saved me tbh

                              • bam2raw
                                bam2raw  4 hours back

                                Swava The Rapper not my type of music but its aight

                              • Swava The Rapper
                                Swava The Rapper  5 hours back

                                What about him ??

                            • Shiler Hawkins
                              Shiler Hawkins  8 hours back

                              Y'all peed what he said .... If y'all didn't ima tell y'all he havein kids twins at that

                              • CURLYDREADSPHATTY
                                CURLYDREADSPHATTY  8 hours back


                              • P Herbo
                                P Herbo  8 hours back


                                • Cali Drifter
                                  Cali Drifter  9 hours back


                                  • William Thomas
                                    William Thomas  9 hours back


                                  • Legacy Family Mommy will always love you

                                    YOU 🔥🔥🔥🤞🏽💯🆖

                                  • 3Ihp
                                    3Ihp  10 hours back

                                    STR8 FIRE going in a montage! KEEP IT UP!

                                  • DayDay 2icyyy
                                    DayDay 2icyyy  10 hours back

                                    Bruh can we get this on Apple Music doe😢

                                    • Rodexell man
                                      Rodexell man  10 hours back


                                    • jah bax
                                      jah bax  11 hours back

                                      I like ur music but this wasn’t it sorry

                                    • erin south
                                      erin south  11 hours back

                                      This how many of hall gone be famous. 👎

                                      • Brent David
                                        Brent David  11 hours back

                                        The truth is I was saved from the city I was in Albuquerque New Mexico till 13 and I asked my grandma what each gang color told her whaty best friend told me about them see her brother was a little older I rember her looking at me andto this day idont know what I said must have horrified her she were moving 30days Tecumseh Michigan no gangs there

                                        • Nasa Beats
                                          Nasa Beats  11 hours back


                                          • Bvnk BoyMiq
                                            Bvnk BoyMiq  13 hours back

                                            Stop playing wit dis nigga he Lit fr💯

                                            • Bvnk BoyMiq
                                              Bvnk BoyMiq  13 hours back

                                              This song gets play fr

                                              • 1UpTop2x Montana
                                                1UpTop2x Montana  13 hours back

                                                Track hit hard af no cap🔥💯

                                                • Mindy Demuth
                                                  Mindy Demuth  13 hours back

                                                  Share subscribe and comment please 🔥🔥🔥

                                                  • Yikes Garcia
                                                    Yikes Garcia  13 hours back

                                                    He’s gonna be such an amazing dad.

                                                    • G.O.A.T Visuals
                                                      G.O.A.T Visuals  13 hours back

                                                      This raw asl but check out this

                                                      • Value Lifetv
                                                        Value Lifetv  14 hours back


                                                        • Delon Funderburk
                                                          Delon Funderburk  15 hours back

                                                          THEY STILL SLEEP THIS HARDER THAN CUBAN LINKS

                                                          • 100,000 Subscribers with no videos?


                                                            • Funnyman Skip
                                                              Funnyman Skip  15 hours back

                                                              Trust and believe me I’m going to meet rod wave one day because I carry positive energy like it’s a energy drink ‼️‼️ follow me on instagram ceo.skip

                                                              • Aurelis Rodriguez
                                                                Aurelis Rodriguez  15 hours back